Tips for Choosing Art & Framing It To Your Tastes

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We know sometimes choosing the right piece of art for your home can be overwhelming and a little daunting. Plus, then you have to choose how you'd like it framed. With so many options available, it can feel a little difficult to choose the best option that works for you and your space, irrespective of trends and all the stuff you see in those glossy magazines. We've compiled a list of points to consider in order to make this process slightly easier. Please take these tips with a grain of salt, as really, art and design should be fun and speak to who you are as a person and what you love! You do you!


1. Choose art you love...

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Choose art that resonates with you and that you will cherish for a long time. Therefore, it'll be a timeless investment rather than something that is trend based. You're the one who has to look at your walls everyday, dammit!


2. Think about negative space...

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When framing your print, think about if there is a lot of negative (white) space in the picture. If so, maybe the artwork won't need matting board around it. If there isn't much white space in the picture, consider framing with matting board around the edges. Never underestimate how much an image can pop against white matting board, as it allows the eye to rest a little. If you choose matting board to frame the print, you'll need a frame that is larger than the paper size of the artwork in order to accomodate the board.


3. Consider different framing options...

Shadow Box Frame - Blog Post

Consider different framing options such as a Shadow Box/ Spacer Frame (first image). This is particularly good for art that has an interesting edge or is heavily textured, as the artwork is set back a few centimetres from the glass. It adds depth to the piece and just looks really bloody swanky! The second option is a Window Mount (matting board), where the artwork is set very close behind the matting board and glass. Great for those pieces that will really sing with some added white space around the border.

Window Frame - Blog Post 

4. Think about frame colours...

Don't just consider what goes best with the artwork, but also think about your home and the art and furniture you already have. Also think about where the piece will be hung. If it's hung with others or in a gallery wall set up, consider matching frame colours to add a little order and cohesion to the space. Think about the timber furniture pieces in your home and what stains or colours are more inline with your style.


5. Work with the professionals occasionally...

We understand it's not always as budget friendly to have all your pieces professionally framed, especially if you're like us and you're running out of wall space for all your art. However, for those larger, more awkward sizes or when longevity of the artwork is very important to you, consider getting a professional to do it. You'll never regret it, it really makes an artwork sing!


6. Have fun...

At the end of the day, don't take it too seriously. If you like your choices, don't listen to the naysayers. You're the one who has to live in your space, so make it one that you'll look forward to coming home to every day :)