a note from the Artist

Hi there,

I'm Teneille, an artist and designer and all around creative type. All the textiles and artwork you see in the online store are designed by myself in my studio in Toowoomba (just recently moved to this beautiful city from Brisbane). I'm pretty much a one woman show, apart from my studio assistant Juno (my poochie), but she mostly sleeps on the job. My partner is also an excellent assistant on the weekends (does less sleeping on the job).

Fresh out of high school, I studied fashion and textiles at Tafe in Brisbane. I then went on to study graphic design and fine art at University on the Gold Coast. I have several years experience in retail and customer service too, and this is what I was doing before starting this business in 2020.

In late 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 31 and then 6 months later lost my job during the pandemic. Feeling quite lost with the direction of my life, I decided to throw caution to the wind, and turn my passion for all things art and design into a business. Nothing like a health scare to put your life into harsh perspective. This business is over 15 years in the making (lots of thinking and dreaming) and now I'm so happy to share it with the world.

With an emphasis on quality, artisanal and slow-made items, I hope that you will love and cherish your items for many years to come. It is an absolute pleasure creating them for you.